Why choosing a frameless door for a shower cabin is a good option?

Shower cabin is an integral element of any modern bathroom. The number of models is beyond imagination: they can be compact or roomy, very simple or equipped with a dozen of additional features, minimalistic or luxurious.

Particularly noteworthy are the shower cabins with a frameless door. This option will make the bathroom modern, elegant and stylish. It has a number of advantages that may not be visible to everyone. Therefore, it is worth learning about them more to make the right choice.

Visual space expansion

If you are the owner of a small bathroom and not sure that the shower cabin will fit into it, a frameless door is a very good solution. The glass is transparent, and due to it, the bathroom will seem much more spacious than before. In addition, it is possible to demonstrate beautiful shower tiles, which would otherwise be hidden behind the door.

The more transparent elements are present, the more spacious the room looks. This fairly simple rule will help you achieve the right effect.

More natural lighting

Before choosing lighting fixtures for a bathroom with such a shower cabin, you need to take into account a few details:

  • If you have a closed shower cabin, then spot lighting will be more appropriate; otherwise the light will not spread to the entire room;
  • however, a frameless cabin is an excellent versatile option, due to which you can use only a ceiling light. If the door is transparent, nothing will interfere with the light;
  • you can add a small light source for the shower cabin, but make sure that it is not too bright – you risk overlighting it.


If you are an adapt of a particular style in the design of the bathroom, you can be sure that the frameless shower door will not break out of the picture, and, in any case, it will look appropriate and harmonious.

The metal frame will fit into the room designed in high-tech style, but it will not catch fancy of the lovers of an extremely simple oriental style. In almost any case, the decorated frame will seem superfluous. Glass without any frame will never go out of fashion, and no one will call it pretentious.

How to install?

We recommend not to install yourself, but to contact professionals who know how to handle such materials as glass. Miami Bathtubs offers a wide range of services, including the installation of a frameless shower door. Just call at any convenient time – and we will come to you on the right day.