Why it’s better to refinish, reglaze bathtub and tiles than to do new remodeling

Any item in your home begins to deteriorate and loses the original appearance over time. The bathtub is not an exception in this case, since throughout its entire service life it is exposed to various influences: water temperature, cleaning agents, and many other factors.

Why it’s better to refinish, reglaze bathtub and tiles than to do new remodeling

The bathroom is an integral part of our life, as every day begins with a shower. And when the old bath is no longer pleasing to the eye, the owner is faced with the question of replacing it. But is it really necessary? Today there is another way to solve this problem. This is restoration! In this article, Miami Baths will help you understand why it’s better to refinish a bathtub and tiles than to do new remodeling.

1. Although refinishing usually takes place in several stages (cleaning the surface of the bath, applying acid, etc.), it requires much less labor than replacing the bathtub. Consequently, the cost of the replacement project will be higher, more time will be spent, and the inconvenience that you and your family will experience will be quite noticeable. In addition to these obvious facts, demolishing an old bath and installing a new one can cause another set of problems. For example, when replacing a bathtub, you may find that some pipes or floors need to be replaced as well.

2. As mentioned earlier, when replacing tubs to avoid significant inconvenience is impossible. This is due to the fact that during the replacing you will lose access to the bathroom completely. While reglazing usually affects only the use of a bath tub. Sometimes you may think that a few days without a bathroom is not such a big problem, but remember that there is always a risk of delays and then repairs in the bathroom can turn into a torture for you …

3. Of course, the cost of replacing a bathtub is much more than reglazing. Bathtubs start at $ 200, but a really high-quality bathtub costs about $ 1000. Even if you replace the tub yourself, it will cost you more than $ 3000 in total.

The cost of reglazing is less than $ 1000 and varies in individual cases. Feel free to call or email Miami Baths to get a more accurate estimate of your project.

4. Often the quality of the bath after reglazing is in no way inferior to the new bath. This is especially true when you have an old but well-made bathtub. After a professional renovation, its quality will be much higher than a bath bought in a store. We guarantee it!

However, this fact works in the opposite direction. If your bathtub is not well made, replacing it with something better may be the best solution.

Anyway, contact us for a free consultation and we will share our professional opinion with you.