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Bathroom remodeling review

Tile installation review

Jacuzzi review

Bathtub review

Kitchen cabinet review

Jacuzzi crack and chip repair

This jacuzzi for 8-10 peoples was in a really bad shape. Our team fixed all the cracks and dents and bought it back to life! Our customer John in Plantation was really happy to see his restored jacuzzi looking shiny and white.

Tile refnishing review

Our technicians worked on these bathroom wood cabinets with a lot of scratches, and rust spot chipped sink. Now the vanity looks gorgeous, having smooth and glossy finish! Why to incur the hustle and cost of replacing costly bathroom fixtures? Call Miami Bathtubs, and we will help you to save money.

Impression refinishing work

Bathtub resurfacing review

Our company resurfaced this bathtub in Hallandale, Florida. It had many chips, and the bottom of the bathtub had scratches all over the surface of the area. MiamiBathtubs gave this bathtub a second life. Now it looks shiny and white, just like a new bathtub.

No mess bathtub refinishing

Miami Bathtubs repaired this bathtub in Lake Worth, Florida, which had a lot of rust.  The owner of the tub was joking about time needed to complete this job. It took our technicians 3.5 hours instead of mentioned half an hour to kill all the rust and make the bathtub look shiny and brand new white again.

Tub refinishing in Fort Lauderdale

This customer bought a new condo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but the bathtub in her recently purchased apartment was  in a really bad shape. Probably water was dripping all the time since previous owner’s move out, which caused heavy rust and wholes on the bathtub. Our technicians from Miami Bathtubs fixed all wholes, killed the rust and gave this bathtub new lease on life again.

Kitchen countertop refinishing review

Miami Bathtubs repaired and resurfaced this ugly and old kitchen countertop for a great family in Homestead, Florida. The countertop was cracked as you can see on «before» photographs. We fixed it! After matching a color of the countertop, our technician added a clear epoxy coat to protect the surface of the area and make it shiny.

Bathtub refinishing review 

Tile reglazing review 

Bathroom remodeling review


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  1. We want to thank Miami Bathtubs for the excellent resurfacing of our bathtub! Our bathtub enamel was chipping off and looked just awful. Miami Bathtub made it look like new! We recommend the company to everyone!

    West Palm Beach, FL
  2. Thank you so much Miami Bathtubs for my kitchen refacing. I love cooking, and my kitchen desperately needed a fresh look. Now my kitchen looks better than I expected. Terrific job! Highly recommended!

    Delray Beach, FL
  3. Thanks Miami Bathtubs for the bathroom renovation! It was in a terrible condition, and now it looks like I just moved into this house. It’s such a pleasure to take a shower in my new bathroom! Cheers!

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  4. Thank you Miami Bathtubs for quick and professional cleaning of the counterparts in the kitchen! The result is simply stunning – our kitchen looks like we just bought it. Cooking now is a pleasure

    Miami/Dade, FL
  5. We would like to thank Miami Bathtubs for installing a shower unit for us. With a small size of our bathroom, we struggled to fit it in. But the company's experts found a way and made our bathroom look even bigger, brighter, and more comfortable to use. We couldn’t be happier with their service! Thank you!

    Miami, South Florida
  6. Thank you Miami Bathtubs for not only helping us design our new bathroom but also making it a reality. We dreamed to remodel our bathroom for a long time and thanks to Miami Bathtubs professionals it came true super fast.

    North Dade, FL
  7. Thank you Miami Bathtubs for resurfacing my bathtub! After a bad experience painting my old sink myself, I would never do it again. Thanks to Miami Bathtubs my bathroom looks amazing and it feels great to take a bath in it.

    Boca Raton, Florida
  8. Thank you Miami Bathtubs for fast and professional tile cleaning in my bathroom! I was afraid that nothing would take off the stains but I was stunned by the result. I’ve got my tiles shiny and sparkling again!

    Hollywood, FL
  9. We entrusted the complete refinishing of our kitchen to Miami Bathtubs and we’re very pleased. Countertops shine like new! We had never enjoyed cooking as much as we do now in our new kitchen. Thank you!

    Miami, FL
  10. We want to say thank you Miami Bathtubs for the complete remodeling of our bathroom. We planned our bathroom remodel for a long time but it was too expensive for us until we found Miami Bathtubs. They did fast and high quality work at affordable price. Thank you!

    Boca Raton, FL
  11. Thank you Miami Bathtubs for remodeling our bathroom! It would take us three times longer but you had done it so fast with a great result. Our bathroom looks amazing and we are very pleased.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  12. Miami Bathtubs brought new life and updated look to our shower. My wife has told me a long time ago to replace it, but I was indecisive about it. Then I found out about this company — Miami Bathtubs. They repaired our shower stall. It looks perfect now.

    North Miami Beach, Florida
  13. My bathroom tiles had a lot of stains and mold, and I tried to scrub it off and clean with no results. So I had no doubt that it is necessary to replace the tiles. It turned out special professional chemicals and tools were necessary — Miami Bathtubs staff cleaned out the tiles. Now my bathroom tiles look amazing, no stains no mold.

    West Miami, Florida
  14. I was going to get rid of my old yellowed tub and buy a new one. But I was told that Miami Bathtubs do the impossible with tubs. I called them and scheduled an appointment for cleaning and polishing. Now my tub looks good, line a brand new. Thank you!

    Doral, FL
  15. My shower doors weren’t in the best condition way back, but they suddenly fell off last week. I called Miami Bathtubs, and the guys repaired everything in no time. I am very satisfied with the result.

    Miami , South Florida
  16. I wasn’t happy with the way working surfaces in my kitchen looked. Because I love to cook they have worn out faster than expected. I thought it was time to replace the countertops, but Miami Bathtubs offered a better solution – they repaired and resurfaced countertops. My kitchen looks awesome now.

    Weston, Florida
  17. Miami Bathtubs helped me clean out tile walls in my bathroom. I fought over it for months because there were a lot of old dirt, and even scratches and small cracks, and mold ingrained so deeply that I didn’t know to what to do with it. But this company did wonder!

    Hollywood, florida
  18. I bought new tiles for my bathroom, but I have never installed the tiles myself. That’s is why I called Miami Bathtubs. Now my bathroom looks so stylish as if a famous designer had worked on it.

    Coral Springs, S. Forida
  19. We decided to renovate one of our bathrooms. At the time my husband was installing a new walk in shower, he scratched the side wall. The scratch was too noticeable, and it spoiled the overall look. We didn’t know how to seal or hide it in any way. Technicians from Miami Bathtubs fixed the problem, and now the side wall looks flat and smooth.

    Tamarac, FL
  20. I wanted to replace my bathtub, but my friends recommended me to refinish it with Miami Bathtubs. It turned out that my tub was not in that hopeless condition: they painted and polished it, and now my tub looks better than those brand new tubs I saw in the store.

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  21. Thank you Miami Bathtubs for repairing my kitchen sink! I was going to throw it away. But this company proved that it is possible to fix it with no need to spend some extra money on new one. Now the sink in my kitchen looks like new.

    Miami, South Florida
  22. Miami Bathtubs fixed tile walls in my bathroom. They looked very old, had a lot of cracks, and dark posts and mold, which I couldn’t clean myself. Miami Bathtubs did magic, tiles in my bathroom look amazing now!

    Westview, FL
  23. I have decided to repaint our bathtub, but I didn’t want to risk of doing it myself since I have no experience in this. This is why I made an appointment with Miami Bathtubs to resurface our tub. Now it looks like a brand new tub from the store. My wife couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw our bathtub. We are planning to resurface our sinks in the bathroom and kitchen.

    Key Biscayne, Florida
  24. My shower doors have spontaneously broken, and I called Miami Bathtubs for help. Initially I thought that I would have to replace it and get a new one. I left a request on their website, and they came to repair my shower doors the next day. Now my shower looks even better than before. Thank you!

    North Miami Beach, Florida
  25. We redid our bathroom and didn’t notice until it was to late that the original bathtub didn’t match the new tiles. We wanted a quick fix and were thrilled when we discovered Miami Bathtubs — they came and painted it the next day and it looks beautiful. We are thrilled with the service and the price — thank you so much!

    aventura, Florida
  26. MiamiBathtubs team made sink reglazing at my mom’s apartment. She is very happy about the results. Her sink is all shiny and looks like new!

    Hallandale Beach, Florida
  27. One of the bathtubs in my house was very old, and it had many cracks. That’s why I called MiamiBathtubs and asked to refinish it. Now my bathtub looks like brand new!

    Miami, FL
  28. My family requested MiamiBathtubs to refinish our tiles. Specialists arrived very quickly, and we got really excited to see the results. Thank you!

    Aventura, florida
  29. Thanks for refinishing our kitchen countertop! Now our kitchen looks beautiful.

    Miami, Florida
  30. MiamiBathtubs offer their services at affordable prices. Thanks for helping me to save some money on bathroom remodeling!

    Hallandale, Florida