What areas do you serve?

We can come to any house in Miami, we also serve all of South Florida and the surrounding area.

How long does it take to finish a job and when can I use my bathtub again?

We recommend you to wait 24 hours before using your newly resurfaced bathtub. We complete our jobs as quickly as possible.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can make a job order at any time. We will serve you on a first available day.

Can you change the color of the bathtub?

Of course, we can change your bathtub to any color you want. Also, we can work on the color of your sink, tiles, countertop, and even cabinets.

Is bath resurfacing process messy?

No. This service is absolutely mess-free, and we will make sure your bathroom stays clean and neat.

Do you do a non slip bathtub coating?

Non-slip surface is a good idea for your bathtub. Yes, we can make this special coating for your bathtub bottom, shower base which will increase friction and reduce the likelihood of a fall. We can do a clear non slip coating or math the color of it to the color of your bathtub.

How long does the surface of my refinished bathtub last?

Usually the surface of a refurbished bathtub lasts for 5-7 years. With better care, you can extend its lifespan to even longer.

How does the refurnishing process work? Are you just painting a surface of a bathtub?

No, it is not painted. We remove the old coating on your bathtub and add a new one that is a special composition similar to a liquid plastic.

How much money will I save with bathtub refinishing as opposed to replacement of it?

With bathtub refurbishing, you are looking at savings of around $1,500 or even more – the money you will be required to spend bathtub replacement which is not advantageous and very messy.

Do MiamiBathtubs’ services come with a warranty?

Sure. We offer a 5-year warranty on our services.

How do I take care of my refinished surface?

You can use your usual cleaners. Do not worry about the bathtub surface.

Do you repair cracks, chips, and scratches?

We will fix cracks, chips, or any scratches on the surface of your bathtub. Just give us a call.