Our Services

Bathtub resurfacing

is a unique service that enables to make your bathtub look like new. It is a polishing process of restoration of old bathtub surfaces with cracks, scratches, and/or chips.

Shower door installation

Shower door installation.

Tile installation

Tile installation and bathroom flooring.

Tile refinishing

is a technique for repairing and resurfacing tiles using special resurfacing materials. It the process of removal of plaque, cracks, and chips from tiles. It is absolutely mess-free and very fast. Refinishing is a second life of your tile.

Sink reglazing

is a special technique for removing from your sink any abrasions, dingy stains, and other damages. We use only superior products for this service.

Kitchen cabinets refinishing

is a set of measures aimed at restoring kitchen cabinets, not get rid of them.

Countertop refinishing

is a special process of repair. We can help you to get rid of old cracks and other damages on your kitchen and bathroom countertops.