Bathtub Resurfacing

Bathtub resurfacing before and after

Bathroom needs repair more often than other rooms because of a lot of equipment, fast polluting parts, tile and enamel, which may have cracks… The list is to be continued. To get rid of these problems, you can order the services for bathtub refinishing from the company Miami Bathtubs.

This complex includes services on restoring bathtubs, color change (optional) and the correction of all defects. The services affect each element: you can order either bathtub resurfacing, or simply repainting bathtub.

What services does Miami Bathtubs offer?

Firstly, it is our bathtub resurfacing, a unique, polishing process for restoration of old bathtubs with cracks and/or chips. For this service Miami Bathtubs uses only the highest quality materials to ensure our work is done quickly and efficiently. If you want to save money, call Miami Bathtubs and order our superior services.

Secondly, our bathtub reglazing, our glaze will amaze. Some people think that this service is the same thing as refinishing, but it isn’t. Tub reglazing is a special service. This service includes coating the bathtub with the help of a special new glaze on the tub’s surface. For this we use only the highest quality glaze, absolutely safe from an ecology perspective.

Thirdly, Miami Bathtubs offers the service of repainting your bathtub. If you see cracks arise on the bathtub’s surface, you will need a new coat of paint, one of better quality as well as sturdier. Miami Bathtubs uses such materials every time we fulfill orders.

Bathtub resurfacing stands apart among the works on the restoration of the bathtub.

What is it?

Resurfacing of a bath is a process that eliminates the bathtub of the chips and paint stains, and restores its original look. It is much easier and cheaper to renew the coating than buying a new piece of furniture or make a complete renovation.

Some people fear that it is impossible to choose the right shade of the coating. However, in reality it does not cause any difficulties: choice of color allows achieving complete identity with the previous version.

What are the advantages of bathtub resurfacing?

  • Due to the re-coating, you can get the effect of the bathtub looking like new, even if it is already many years old.
  • This service provides good protection against mold and strengthens the enamel, which prevents the formation of new cracks.
  • It is easy to take care of the new coating – simply buy a suitable cleaning detergent.
  • Bathtub resurfacing is done within several hours.
  • This is a significant saving because you will spend twice as much for the purchase and installation of a new bathtub.
  • This process is mess free, so the customer discomfort is reduced to zero.

Do repair with us and it won’t become a challenge for your nerves and wallet.


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