Countertop refinishing

countertop refinishing


Do you have problems with your kitchen counter top, a slip of a knife here, an accidentally misplaced hot pot there, then you should make a maximally, advantageous decision to free yourself from these unsightly blemishes. Unfortunately, we can’t always solve all our problems quickly and effectively by ourselves. That’s where Miami Bathtubs can help.

All kitchens counters are made of different materials and the wear and tear in this high traffic area can lead to unavoidable damages. Family members are in and out of the kitchen every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maintaining this high traffic area is a job only a few people can handle properly.

Sometimes during cooking, we can scratch our countertops with knives or other sharp utensils, even when we clean by using inferior cleaning products. These issues need solving.

Miami Bathtubs can offer you a very effective service, countertop refinishing. It’s a service that can help you give a second life to countertops in your kitchen. All you need to do is call us and order our professional service. Our team will come to your house any time, in no time.


What is countertop refinishing?

It’s a procedure that can help you restore your kitchen and bathroom by professional means. Miami Bathtubs has helped rejuvenate many homes all having their own unique set of circumstances, and we can ensure you that results will be to utmost perfection. If needed, Miami Bathtubs can even offer changes in detailing.

If you want to resurface your countertops, Miami Bathtubs can do it faster while maintaining top quality better than other second rate handymen because refinishing laminated countertops as well as other surface types has been our specialty for many years. Miami Bathtubs, professionals in our sphere.

Why should you call us to refinish your countertop?

  • Firstly, this service is absolutely mess-free without any inconvenience to you.
  • Secondly, we complete our work very quickly.
  • Thirdly, our services are very affordable.

Remember Miami Bathtubs when you need to refinish your countertop!


MS99-7210 Onyx

MS99-7211 Galena Gray
MS99-7212 Summit Gray

MS99-7214 Brownstone

MS99-7215 Amarillo Yellow
MS99-7218 Moonstone

MS99-7219 Autumn Blaze

MS99-7222 Tuscon Tan

MS99-7223 Canyon Cliff

(MS99 — New Colors Available)





MS99 Birch Granite

MS99 Cliff Rock

MS99 Galaxy

MS99 Smokey Granite