Kitchen cabinets refinishing

Kitchen cabinet is a part of interior that has to be replaced among one of the first. There are several reasons of that:

  • greasy drops from cooking are not easy to scrub;
  • under the influence of high temperature the paint of some cabinets peels off;
  • inaccurate homeowners can scratch the paint.

It is unpleasant to look at such kitchen, and shame to invite guests for dinner. If your cabinets are seriously damaged, you will soon notice that cooking does not give you any positive emotions, but an annoyance.


How to handle this?

Kitchen cabinets refinishing

You should order kitchen cabinets refinishing in our company. This procedure does not take much time, and the result is a pleasant surprise. It is better to restore kitchen cabinets than to throw them away, especially if restoration is possible.

This simple procedure has another advantage: cabinet refinishing will not cost an arm and a leg for you. It is affordable money to spend in order to make kitchen beautiful again.

Miami Bathtubs Company offers other services aimed at restoration of the kitchen cabinets and bringing them to the original appearance. Restore kitchen cabinets is easy and worth the money.

Kitchen cabinets resurfacing

What is this procedure? Resurfacing cabinets is a set of measures aimed at restoring kitchen cabinets, not get rid of them. It is the best solution in case if the furniture is in working condition but looks bad.

Cost to refinish cabinets will surprise you a lot. This money you can spend without losing your savings. Ordering resurfacing laminate cabinets means saving. By purchasing new cabinets, you would have lost much more.

Advantages of this service:

  • We use only proven materials;
  • Our materials are safe to the environment;
  • Procedure is almost silent, and your comfort will be protected.


Kitchen cabinets refacing

This service is required if the paint of the cabinets has fallen into disrepair, and it is necessary not only to apply the new paint, but also get rid of the remnants of the old one, smooth the surface and prepare it for painting.

How much does it cost to reface kitchen cabinets? It is so reasonable that you will not have to spend your emergency fund and think if you have money for tomorrow.

The advantages of refacing kitchen cabinet doors:

  • All you need to do is to leave the order and select the time. Our experts will come and cope in a few hours;
  • In our work, we use technologies that are time-tested and always show good results.


Repainting kitchen cabinets

If the appearance of the cabinet spoils your mood, and the paint is gone, repainting cabinets is exactly what you need. New painting helps freshen up the kitchen, and if we repaint kitchen cabinets in time, they will be saved from dumping.

We have a team of kitchen cabinet painters – real professionals, who know how important it is to perform accurate and at the same time fast painting. They can restore your cabinets so that you do not even remember what their condition before was.

At the same time, the professional cabinet painting is inexpensive. You will save a lot more than if you tried to paint the cabinets by yourself, or replace them with the new ones. We do not recommend painting anything without experience. Cost of painting kitchen cabinets will not hit your pocket.

Advantages of this procedure:

  • professional cabinet painters choose to work only with high-quality paint, durable and bright;
  • our services do not negatively impact the body, because security is important to us.

Miami Bathtubs gives kitchen cabinets a new life!


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